Defy Me: Mafi did it again! This book was phenomenal!

Defy Me by Tahereh Mafi book cover
Series Number: 5
Page Count: 352
The gripping fifth installment in the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling Shatter Me series. Will Juliette’s broken heart make her vulnerable to the strengthening darkness within her? Juliette’s short tenure as the supreme commander of North America has been an utter disaster. When the children of the other world leaders show up on her doorstep, she wants nothing more than to turn to Warner for support and guidance. But he shatters…

Non-Spoiler Review

Where do I even start with this review? So much happens in this book and I have to make sure not to get crazy and spoil anything for yall, but that's so hard! This book was so dang good. Like, seriously, SO. DANG. GOOD! I honestly just wanted to listen to this book all day! This book was a whirlwind, that had so many twists and turns it was insane. 

One of my favorite things about this book was the different POVs we got. In Restore me we had Juliette and Warner, but in this one, we not only have Juliette and Warner once again, but we have KENJI!!!! I totally freaked out when I heard his part for the first time. It made me so dang happy I jumped up and down with joy and did a little scream. I thought we were only going to get his POV in the Novella, I had no idea he would have a part in the book. I don't know how I didn't already know that but it was a wonderful surprise.

We pretty much start off where we left off from Restore Me. All chaos has broken loose with Juliette killing 600 people, and being kidnapped. Brendon is shot and dying, and all of her friends are being contained. Juliette is drugged and wakes up in her old room. She finds out she is at her parent's house and that they are horrible people. They also act as if everything is fine and that she didn't just kill a bunch of people. She also finds pictures of her with her older sister, with Nazeera, and one with Warner. She is confused and scared about what has happened to her friends. Juliette finds out so much during her stay with her parents, and it is all crazy insane stuff.

There is honestly not much more that I can say without spoiling anything. I will say though, this book was amazing. There were so many times that I had to stop my audiobook and just shake my head because I couldn't believe what happened. Tahereh is the master at plot twists, for real. I definitely recommend listening to the audiobook. We get the same narrator for Juliette and for Warner, and then Vikas Adams for Kenji. He did an amazing job as Kenji. Exactly what I thought he would sound like. Kate Simses and James Fouhey also did an amazing job once again with Juliette and Warner. Seriously, go and listen or read this book ASAP!!!!


Spoilery Review


Spoilers Ahead











I can't believe how far this series has come. Shatter me was one of the first series I read when I started reading a ton. I ate it up and loved it so much.  Immediately after reading it I bought Unravel me. So when I found out about Restore Me I couldn't wait for the continuation of one of my favorite series. Defy Me was amazing. Especially with the added POV.  So here we go...

  • I was so so so excited to find out that Kenji is a POV in this book!!! I jumped up and down and couldn't believe it. 
  • Man, there were so many secrets revealed in this book. The biggest one is Juliette and who she is. I can't believe that she and Warner were friends!
  • Everything just keeps getting crazier and crazier. I loved that we got all these flashbacks of Juliette and Warner when they were younger. 
  • I really liked Nazeera and was so glad that she is going to stay with Kenji and Castle and the group.
  • Kenji finally gets the girl. I was so happy that Nazeera liked him back but still wasn't fully sure about her. But it made me so happy for him. 
  • I was curious about Delalieu and where he was during all this mess. He has always been such a kind old man and I was so happy that he wanted to help the group as long as he could. But that scene turned super intense really quickly. He knew Juliette/Ella this entire time. Wow. At least he tried to stop it. And he knew all these things were horrible. What also was surprising was that Anderson knew about Adam the entire time. Who he was and what he was doing.  But then... that moment where I seriously had to rewind the book and listen at least 3 more times. Anderson!!!! He isn't dead after all. That was crazy. And then what I feared... Nazeera has been feeding him info. 
  • Mafi is a genius when it comes to Juliette and Warner's relationship. I have always loved it, but now it gets even better. They have always loved each other. I love that they have always been drawn together no matter how many times their memories were erased, then still remembered. 
  • I was so scared that her mom was going to succeed in wiping all of Juliette's memories. It scared me so much. That would be so dang sad if she didn't remember anyone. 
  • I loved getting all this info on Juliette and Warner. They had so much history that we never knew. Anderson is seriously beyond crazy. I knew he was a psychopath but I had no idea it was this bad. And of course, after all this, it makes me like Warner even more, if that's even possible. 
  • So it seems like everyone was put in isolation just like Juliette was in the very beginning of this series. 
  • When Ella/Juliette found her sister and found out everything that was going on, I couldn't believe it. Ella's parents are truly insane. They have problems for real. I love Juliette through all of this. She is so sweet and innocent in a way, but she is also so strong and a fighter. I was so glad when she killed her mother. 
  • Okay, the way Anderson used Sarah and Sonya and their powers of healing to make sure he could always be healed makes sense why he didn't die in the first place. Anderson is such a wicked man. I hate that Warner didn't succeed in killing his father. But I was so glad that he finally went through with it after wanting to do it his entire life. 
  • Kenji saving Juliette was the best!!!! And Nazeera saving Warner was equally amazing. 
  • I was so frigging happy about Ella and Warner's reunion. I was really scared though because after Restore Me's ending, I didn't really trust Mafi. Warner realizing he wanted to marry Ella was the best! I cannot wait for that to happen. And Kenji and Warner's banter is my favorite. It's so dang funny. 
  • So Ella's sister is insanely strong and has telekinetic powers. She was able to talk to the Supreme Commander's children and give them back their memories. I cannot wait to see how this all pans out!
  • The ending was perfect! Absolute perfection. Thank you, Mafi for not totally ripping my heart out at the end of this book. Juliette said YES!!! And Warner got to have his first actual birthday party, LOVE!

I'm so excited to read this last book in the series, but also so sad because I don't want it to be over. 


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