Dumplin’: Such a super fun book to read!

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Self-proclaimed fat girl Willowdean Dickson (dubbed “Dumplin’” by her former beauty queen mom) has always been at home in her own skin. Her thoughts on having the ultimate bikini body? Put a bikini on your body. With her all-American beauty best friend, Ellen, by her side, things have always worked…until Will takes a job at Harpy’s, the local fast-food joint. There she meets Private School Bo, a hot former jock. Will isn’t surprised to find…

Non-Spoiler Review

Dumplin' was such a fun read! I laughed, I cried, and I fell in love with all of these characters quickly! I've also found a new love for Dolly Parton! I am currently listening to the Dumplin' soundtrack while typing up this review and I am enjoying myself immensely.

Willowdean is a big gal. She knows it, and she doesn't care. Her mom may be a former beauty queen and super intense about pageant season, but Willowdean is a very confident person. Her best friend Ellen is beautiful and skinny and has a great boyfriend named Tim, and that never shakes Wils confidence. She takes no crap and that's one reason I love her!

She works at a fast-food restaurant where she has a huge crush on one of her coworkers, Bo. When Bo starts to show signs of liking her as well, Willowdean's confidence starts to waver. But one thing that starts to boost that confidence back up is entering the pageant. This was so fun to read about! So much crazy happens in this book that has to do with the pageant, and Willowdean ends up making some unlikely friendships.

I listened to the Audiobook and thought it was so well done. Eileen Stevens did such an amazing job with all the characters voices and did a great job with the southern accent! I definitely recommend this book! I'm so excited to see the movie (maybe review to come) and can't wait to read the companion series Puddin'.


Character Love

Willowdean ~ I cannot say enough about how much I loved Willowdean. She is such a fierce character. I will say, there were a few times where she frustrated me a bit, but it didn't last too long. She is also very sweet and caring. I love her growth from beginning to end!

Ellen ~ Ellen was so much fun! She's a firecracker and such a good friend. I loved her and Willowdean's friendship. Their love for Dolly Parton made me love her as well!

Bo ~ The mysterious love interest. Wasn't sure what I thought about Bo at first, but I ended up really liking him. I loved how you could tell that he had some sort of feelings for Wil in the beginning, but you just weren't sure.

Lucy ~ Not much I can really say about her, but she is Wils Aunt. She is also one of Willowdean's driving force to enter the pageant.

Rosie ~ Rosie is Willowdean's mom. Most of the time she annoyed me, but there were some good moments sprinkled in there with her and Willowdean.

Millie ~ I loved Millie! She was so sweet and so fun to read about. She had an amazing personality and spirit. I cannot wait to read about her in Puddin'

Hannah ~ I liked Hannah from the start. She's this tough girl who doesn't care what people say about her. I loved what she brought as a character to this misfit group.

Amanda ~ Amanda surprised me. I didn't really think much of her at first but quickly loved her towards the middle.

Mitch ~ I really liked Mitch. He was so nice and caring. A great friend to have.


Spoilery Section


Spoilers ahead












Wahoo!!! I really did enjoy this book y'all, and am so excited to see the movie! Well, let's get right into it, some of my spoilery thoughts on a few things.

  • It made me really sad that Willowdean and her mother didn't have a great relationship. It also really frustrated me that her mom didn't understand why Wil wanted to keep Lucy's stuff in her room. C'mon, have some sort of compassion for your daughter.

  • I really liked Bo, and I loved his relationship with Willow. Honestly, I don't think he purposely kept her this secret, but I do hate that he wasn't upfront with her about going to her school. I think she also could have handled it better but I totally understand why she wanted to cut it off. I wish that her relationship with Bo, in the beginning, made her more confident in herself instead of less.

  • The whole fight with Ellen frustrated me. I did understand why Willow was mad, but I think she blew it up way too big. And for them, both to say the things they did and not talk for so long was not right at all. But I feel like they both grew from it for sure.

  • Also, can I just say, I disliked Callie soo much. She annoyed me to no end and was horrible to Willowdean. I hate that Elle felt like she had to hang out with her just because she is "popular". I'm excited to see how she will be in Puddin'. I already know my thoughts on her will change, but it was fun to dislike her in this book.

  • The awesome little Misfit group. I love Millie, Amanda, and Hannah. I love that they all came together with Willowdean and became friends. These group of girls was so fun! When they went to the gay bar, sooo funny! I love how sweet and undeterred Millie is about everything. She is so encouraging and loving. I love how Amanda surprised us all with her talent! Soccer! It makes me so happy. And I love how Hannah is this tough girl who doesn't care but the talk she had with Willowdean was so sweet.

  • Mitch. Man, I felt so bad for him. I knew there was no actual interest in him on Willowdean's part, but you could really tell his feelings for her. He was so sweet to her. So caring. He really wanted to help her with the pageant and encourage her. I hate that she broke his heart, but knew it was bound to happen. Mitch is really a great guy.

  • I'm so glad that Willowdean and Ellen made up! At the perfect time too. I love that they were finally able to talk about everything they were holding in.

  • Willowdean standing up for Millie when her parents didn't want to sign the form was great. I'm glad she convinced them because I would have been so crushed for Millie if they didn't let her compete. This was her dream forever. And for Millie to get runner-up was so sweet.

  • Rosie disqualifying Willowdean for her awesome performance was a bummer. I totally get why she had to do it, rules are rules, but still.

  • Honestly, not finding out who actually won frustrated me a tad. I know that it wasn't at all important for the storyline, but I still would have liked to know.

  • I love how Willowdean stood up to dumb Patrick, helped out Mitch, and walked to Harpy's and saw Bo. What a perfect ending.


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