Just for Clicks: A book about some of my favorite things! Twins, blogs, and Arizona!!

Just for Clicks book
Page Count: 352
Mommy blogs are great . . . unless the blog happens to belong to your mom. Twin sisters Claire & Poppy are accidental social media stars thanks to Mom going viral when they were babies. Now, as teens, they're expected to contribute by building their own brand. Attending a NY fashion week and receiving fan mail is a blast. Fending off internet trolls and would-be kidnappers? Not so much. Poppy embraces it. Claire hates it.…

Non-Spoiler Review

I received this e-arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I don't even know where to start with this review. I absolutely loved this book. I saw it a few times while browsing NetGalley and wasn't sure if I would be interested, but once I finally read the synopsis I knew I had to have this book! I was so excited to be approved to review it.

 So we follow twin sisters Claire and Poppy. They pretty much grew up on the internet. Their mother, Ashely Dixon, started a fashion blog before they were born, so once the twins were born they were featured on the blog every Tuesday. The twins became internet famous before they could even walk. So once they got older, of course, they would start their own social media fame. They decided to start their own fashion vlog. At first, Claire loved the vlog and getting more fame, but slowly she got tired of it. She wants to go to college and have her own life away from the spotlight. The problem is, Poppy still loves what she does, and it will make it a lot harder for her to go on her own without Claire since everyone eats up their #twingoals. 

I seriously loved this family. They have their problems, but I loved reading about them. Claire was such a fun MC to follow. I really enjoyed her wit, and her character development was great. I also really liked Poppy. She might have been a tad selfish, but her love for her twin was super sweet. Same thing with their mom, Ashley. There were so many times that she frustrated me, but for the most part, you could tell that she really loved her girls. I loved loved loved that this book took place in Gilbert, AZ.  My family and I moved to Prescott Valley AZ almost a year ago, and I am in love with this place. So reading a book that takes place in AZ is icing on the cake for me. I haven't been to Gilbert yet, but I plan on it soon, and I can't wait to go to the downtown area! 

So this book isn't just about blogs, vlogs, and AZ. There is so much heart in this book. That is one of the reasons I fell in love with it. This book shows, that even though this family looks perfect to the whole world, they all have real struggles and problems they deal with. And some of them are a lot scarier than others. There is also a bit of drama and a fun love interest as well. I wasn't able to put this baby down! I'm so glad that NetGalley approved me for this book! I recommend it to everyone!  


Character Love 

Claire - I seriously loved Claire right away. She was a fun MC to follow. I really loved that she was into coding. That was one of my favorite things about her. I only got frustrated a few times with her, but I always understood her. 

Poppy - I really liked Poppy. She was so fun and spunky. She may have been a tad selfish at times but I loved how she loved her sister. They really did have a sweet relationship. 

Rafael - What a perfect character to throw in the mix of crazy! He was perfect! I loved his attitude and how funny he was. He was so opposite of Claire in a sense and that made for a perfect friendship. 

Ashley - Ashely frustrated me at times, and she seemed like she was so wrapped up into her blog and her girls' vlog. But, you could really tell the love she had for her girls. I loved seeing how someone who got big in the blogging world lived. It is definitely not an easy job. 


Spoilery Review 


Spoilers Ahead












Man, I really loved this book! The fact that it was about twins had me right away. The blogging and taking place in Arizona was such an added bonus. I can't gush about this book enough! I really wanted to make it to Kara's launch but didn't get a chance to. Here are all my thoughts and emotions that I had while reading this gem!!! 


I loved that Ashley started this small blog and then it just took off. It's amazing how the #bloglife is. I really liked that Claire and Poppy decided to do their own thing and got really popular as well. It's sad that Claire no longer wants to do it, but it makes sense. 

I knew from Claire's first encounter with Rafael that I was going to really like their relationship. The scene where they are talking at lunch was the best!

I really did wish that Claire would just tell Rafael who she was. I totally understood why she didn't want to, but I feel like it was unfair to him. 

Wow, I had a feeling that something happened to Claire since she didn't really trust people and because of how she freaked out at that restaurant when that lady wanted to get a selfie with her. I loved how Poppy came in and got Claire out of there. 

I can't believe someone tried to kidnap her. What a scary event to go through. I know why Claire wanted to tell the reporter what happened, but I didn't think it was the right thing to do. 

I knew that Rafael meant well, but that whole scene with him telling Claire he knows who she is, was intense. He wasn't trying to be mean at all, but I still cried right along with Claire. I was glad though that he wasn't mad about it and for the most part understood why she didn't tell him. 

I loved that he called and wanted to meet and apologize. Even though it ended pretty bad. 

I didn't like that Rafael probably thought that Claire didn't like him even though she did. But what frustrated me is they would go back and forth thinking the other person didn't like them.

For a split second I thought that maybe the records would show that Poppy was really the adopted one. Just thought it would be an added twist, but I should have known better. 

The whole confusion between Rafael and Claire frustrated me so much because it seemed so obvious that they liked each other. 

I loved that Claire wanted Rafael to go with her to meet her mother. I wish she would have just listened to him though. It was a horrible idea. When she first goes into the apartment I already knew it wasn't going to end well. You could tell that Claire's mom was a little off. I hate that she yelled at Claire and treated her so bad. I was surprised that Claire even stayed to talk to her once she found out that her birth mom was the one trying to kidnap her. 

Wow, that fight that Claire had with Rafael was pretty intense. I hate that someone recorded it, but the way Claire had so much confidence in herself to go and talk to her was pretty awesome. 

I was so glad that Claire finally talked to Poppy and her Mom. That was a super emotional scene and I cried like a baby. 

I really wasn't sure why Poppy didn't think better about how to act at that party. She had to know that someone could be cruel and take pictures. 

Oh my, the letter she found that her mom wrote her on her first birthday made me cry like a big ol baby. That was sooo good. 

Okay, I knew it wasn't going to be Claire and Poppy's swim team friends that were being horrible to them on the internet. I did think it was going to be Olivia. What I had no clue about was that it was actually Nora the whole time! That was a huge surprise! I love how they pretty much got a confession out of her. Claire is so smart!

I also loved Claire's idea on how to ask Rafael to forgive her. It was totally perfect!

And. That. Ending!!! I absolutly loved this book! I seriously recommend this book to everyone! I am excited to see what other books Kara has in store for us!!!







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