Lord of Shadows: What a crazy whirlwind of emotions!!!

Lord of Shadows book
Series Number: 2
Page Count: 699
Would you trade your soul mate for your soul? A Shadowhunter’s life is bound by duty. Constrained by honor. The word of a Shadowhunter is a solemn pledge, and no vow is more sacred than the vow that binds parabatai, warrior partners—sworn to fight together, die together, but never to fall in love. Emma Carstairs has learned that the love she shares with her parabatai, Julian Blackthorn, isn’t just forbidden—it could destroy them both. She…

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Lord of Shadows is the second installment of The Dark Artifices and it definitely does not disappoint. This book is soooo dang good. I didn't actually plan on reading this series at all, but I ended up reading Lady Midnight because I heard such great things about it. Then after finishing Lady Midnight, I decided I wasn't going to finish the series. I'm so glad that I changed my mind. I'm pretty sure I liked this book better than I did the first one. It was so dang intense! So much is going on and you have no idea what Clare will end up doing with the characters. I read this book about a year ago and seriously forgot almost all of what happened in this book.

We do know now what happens when you fall in love with you parabatai and it's very scary.

We start this book with Mark and Emma still pretending to be a couple, Perfect Diego and Cristina are together, and Julian is holding himself somewhat together. We also have a new character in the Blackthorn group, Kit Herondale. He is the same age as Livi and Ti and perfectly fits with them. They get in a few adventures which were really fun to see.

There is still a lot going on with dark magic and people attacking the Blackthorn family. The Black Volume is still missing and no one can find it. Jules makes a deal with the Unseelie Queen and Emma, Jules, Mark, and Cristina once again go into the Faerie Court together.

Besides all this going on there is another enemy arising called the Cohort. A group of radicals that hate Downworlders and want them gone. Throughout the whole book, this group is the worst. I seriously hated them all.

As I said earlier this book was intense! I had no idea what was going to happen and was so scared for all of the characters that I love so much. You will not be disappointed by this book at all. What a wonderful second installment.

I listened to the audiobook and was disappointed at first that it wasn't Morena Baccarin. I couldn't get into the narrator's voice at first since I was so used to Morena's. Finally, after getting a few chapters in I got used to his voice. I had no idea it was James Marsters who played Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. How awesome is that!


Spoilery Review


Spoilers ahead












There is soo much to say about this book! It was so good! I read it when it first came out, so it had been over a year since reading it. I forgot almost everything. There were little things that I remembered, like Kit's character being more in this book, and Emma and Julian struggling with their love. But I forgot Diana's secret and the deaths at the end. I almost spoiled myself by reading my old review on Goodreads that said someone died at the end and I was super surprised. So I kept trying to remember who died and could never think of who. Let's jump in...

  • Right off the bat, I was frustrated with Emma. I did not like how she pretended with Mark and didn't just tell Julian the truth. I feel like she should have trusted him enough to tell him what Jem told her about the curse. I really feel bad for Julian.

  • I liked Kit right away. I was super excited to see his and the younger Blackthorns friendship blossom.

  • I was so happy to see more of Clary and Jace! I couldn't believe how much I missed them. Sometime next year I really want to go ahead and reread TMI and TID. I feel like I would probably appreciate Clary and Jace the second time around.

  • I was not excited at all when we find out that Shadowhunters from the Scholomance were coming to stay at the Institute for a while. And what a disappointment with Perfect Diego. I liked him. I love how Emma took him outside to talk to him and made him stand in the anthill. I couldn't stop laughing. Emma is seriously the best.

  • I dislike everyone from the Scholomance. Especially Zara. I knew she was going to be trouble.

  • Kieran is about to be executed by his father in Faerie. I love how Gwen the Hunter came to tell Mark because he knew he would help him. I also loved how he approached Diana! I was so surprised at first when Mark said he wouldn't go. But was very glad when he decided to anyways. How silly of mark to think he could go without Emma, Julian, and Cristina. I hated the idea of them all leaving the younger ones with the Scholamance there, but I know they had to do what they could to help Mark.

  • I was scared for Cristina and Mark at that revel. I thought something really bad was going to happen. Them getting tied together with that rope was scary. It seemed that everything was fine after they took it off but I knew something was going on. I hate that Cristian hurt Mark's feelings but I'm glad he knows the truth of why Emma wanted to pretend to be with him. He deserved to know and it really helped the whole situation in the end.

  • I seriously hate Zara! I knew those dang Centurions were up to no good! Snooping around and trying to talk to Arthur. Ugh.

  • I love that we get to see Ti, Livi, and Kit trying to figure out what's going on. It is so fun to be in their POV's as well. I'm glad that they figured out that Zara was trying to take over. Those smart kids!

  • I love how clever Julian is. One of my favorite things about him. The way he thinks so far ahead and plans everything is amazing. I also love that he had total trust that Emma would kill that knight. He wasn't worried about her at all and I think that really shows how special there relationship is.

  • I hate how the Faeries play tricks on people. I know that Emma knew it couldn't actually be her father, but she truly hoped it was and that's why she couldn't kill him until she heard the Faerie's voice.

  • One of my fav quotes from Diana to Zara

Shut up you stupid girl!!
  • I can't believe Malcolm isn't actually dead! He took precautions to make sure if he was killed that he wouldn't actually die. He still wants to raise Annabel and still needs Blackthorn blood. That scene with him and all those sea monsters were scary.

  • I'm glad that Diana got the younger Blackthorns out of there! And I love that Arthur sacrificed himself for them. Obviously, it sucked that Malcolm got what he wanted but he was going to stop at nothing till he got it.

  • I was so surprised when Annabel rose and then killed Malcolm. I was very confused about it but also very very glad.

  • At this point, I still can't understand why Emma doesn't just tell Julian the truth! It drives me crazy.

  • The Scene with Livi, Ti, and Kit at the Shadow Market scared me. I love that we are learning more about these 3 characters. I love them as much as I love Emma, Julian, Cristina, and Mark. I was so scared for Livi that she was going to die. By this point, I have connected completely with these 3. Poor Ti. He was so scared and Kit was scared as well. I love that Ti decided he wanted to become parabatai with Livi so he can help her better in situations like that.

  • Also, super crazy that Kit can see ghosts.

  • I couldn't for the life of me remember if Shade was a past character. After doing some research I ended up remembering a little of him in the TMI series.

  • Man, the 7 Riders of Manon are scary! I thought they were going to kill Livi, Ti, and Kit!

  • I love that we get both Magnus and Alec in this series! I missed them. And I love they are helping!

  • Kieran not remembering about him and Mark and what pain he caused Emma and Julian is surprising. He is so clueless about everything. I hate that everyone has to lie to him.

  • Kieran sneaking out and Cristina following! And then Kieran killing his brother! That was insane. I know it isn't good for Kieran at all. I wondered if he knows there is something going on with Mark and Cristina. He seems to have some kind of inkling, and what the crap was he going to say. It seems that he kind of has feelings for Cristina and that she may have some feelings for him as well. Because why else would she be confused.

  • Oh! That part where we get to see in the London Institute where Will and Jam marked the door with their heights throughout the years! So special.

  • I hate that Julian somewhat trusts the Seelie Queen. He knows she can't be trusted but he is just so desperate. Everything is so much harder for him now that he knows that Mark and Emma are not together anymore.

  • So crazy that Annabel comes to Julian! She makes me nervous. She is very unstable. But now I totally see why she killed Malcolm. I love that we know more about their story and what happened to Annabel. I knew those dumb Dearborns were the worst always!

  • Emma and Julian burning down that church was crazy. Ugh, Annabel is pretty clever as well.

  • And Emma killing that Rider!! What! There is seriously going to be some hell now!

  • I keep thinking that Diego is scheming about something.

  • Also, Jamie popping up and hiding with Dru. That was crazy. I kept thinking he was scheming as well and was going to trick Dru. I'm glad I was wrong and I am glad that He was there for Dru. I'm glad that Jamie and Cristina had a good visit. I wonder what he is doing though. Also where the crap did Dru go? I'm guessing maybe the Unseelie court.

  • I'm so glad that Emma finally told Julian the truth! I knew it was going to happen eventually and I'm glad. But seriously, Magnus popping up on Julian and Emma was insane!!! Not good.

  • Poor Kieran. I really feel bad for him. Throughout this book, I kept liking him more and more.

  • Julian's idea for Annabel and Kieran, and taking them both to Idris to testify was soo smart. He honestly had it all figured out and it seemed like an amazing plan.

  • I'm so glad that Ti sent her that letter.

  • Seeing Magnus getting weaker and weaker was so scary. I thought that he might die.

  • Julian and Emma talking to Robert Lightwood was scary. Wasn't sure how he was going to take it, but I'm so glad that it went well. I'm glad that he is going to exile Emma for them. It's going to be so hard though.

  • Ugh!!!! I hate Zara Dearborn more than almost any character I've ever met. She is seriously right up there with Delores Umbridge. Ugh. And that stupid Cohort and their racism. I know thins didn't go planned with Magnus but dang it. Those stupid idiots throwing things! If they didn't go crazy, Annabel wouldn't have gone crazy. Robert would still be alive. I still can't believe she killed him! So so so sad. Poor Alec. That was heartbreaking, but the worst was Livi dying. I cried so hard. I sobbed for a good 10 minutes, if not more. I loved Livi! She was the best and sweetest. Poor Julian, poor Ti. Clare, I can't believe it!

  • Well, it looks like the Unseelie King has Annabel and the Black Volume. I have no idea how that happened either.

  • I didn't even think about the fact that Robert was going to help Emma and Julian! And now he is dead and he was the only one who could help them. Crap!

  • I seriously died for a bit after finishing this book. Clare tore my heart out for sure. I'm scared of what's going to happen in the next book!!!!!


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