Lovestruck: A book full of “cupids”, gods, morties, and love!!!

Love Struck by Kate Watson book cover
Page Count: 300
Sixteen-year-old cupid-in-training Kali is in an Olympus-sized mountain of trouble. Rule number one in arrow-toting matchmaking: don't stick yourself. But accidents happen, and Kali instantly falls hard for her indie rock, bass-playing target, Benicio. The God of Love is going to kill her. Even if he is her dad. Being the daughter of Eros isn't all it's cracked up to be. For one thing, a girl can get jaded when her parents have the most…

Non-Spoiler Review

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What can I say about this cute, funny, contemporary?  It was a super fun read! It took me some time to get into, but that was all me, and not Kate at all. I just have a problem getting into mythology stories, this is my second time. Percy Jackson was the other one. And it took me some time to get into Percy Jackson, I can't really explain why. But the moment I realized I had the same feelings towards this book, I had to stop myself. After that, I was able to really enjoy this book and its characters. 

So we follow Kali, Kalixta, who is 16 and a cupid in training. She used to love everything about this. She loved digging into the people's background to make sure they were right for each other, and she loved when it was a perfect match and making people fall in love. But something changed all that, and now she no longer even believes in what she is doing. 

When she doesn't think anything else could go wrong, in inevitable does. She does the number one thing all cupids know you're not supposed to do. Sticks herself with her own arrow. She immediately falls deeply in love with Ben, a boy she has been researching and getting ready to match. Right when this happens, Ben, even though he was struck, is drawn to Kali because she is a cupid. 

Kali goes through a lot to be with this mortal boy but also knows that she doesn't want this. She wants to live her own life and take her fate back. After speaking with the Oracle, she knows what she has to do. The tricky part now is figuring out how to do that. Kali has tons of friends to help her along the way, as well as her parents. Who I must mention are gods with an amazing love story. 

I really had a lot of fun reading this book. I love the whole cupid concept and think that Kate did a wonderful job bringing this all to life. All the characters were great as well. I have to say that the gods were some of my faves. They were just so dang funny. I also really love that this book takes place in AZ! 

I definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy a cute, fun, and quick read. Kate Watson's book won't disappoint. 


Character Love 

Kali ~ I really liked Kali. I thought that she was a great character and had a really great personality. Towards the middle part, she kind of made me mad, but I'm pretty sure that was because of her situation. She couldn't help it. I do love how much she grew from the beginning of this book to the end, great character growth. 

Deya ~ I loved Deya. She was such a good friend, and she seemed so mature. I was so glad that Kali had her because I feel like Deya kind of grounded Kali. I mean Kali was going to do what she wanted to do, but Deya always had great advice for her. 

Hector ~ I really liked Hector. He was such a good friend to Kali, even though he had his own struggles. I'm glad that she had Hector around!

Ben ~ What to say about Ben. I liked him, but he did start to annoy me later in the book. Again though, I think that was the intent, so I'm sure most people thought he was annoying. But he played his part perfectly. 

Artemis ~ I loved Artemis. She is the coolest. Artemis is Hector's Aunt and friends with Deya and Kali. At one point she goes on a little adventure with them and I love it. Her personality was my favorite. She was such a strong woman and I love that. 


Spoilery Review


Spoilers Ahead












So I've decided to make my spoilery parts a tad shorter. Some of them are way too long and ya'll probably get tired of reading them all... or you stop. Either way, I'm just going to try to add the most important things and go from there. I'll be honest though, I know this will be hard for me because I love talking about all the things. Anyways! On to my thoughts!!!

  • As I said earlier, I just wasn't sure about this book at first. But as I kept reading and really reading it for what it was I started to really enjoy the characters and the world as well.
  • I was dying to find out why Kali and Hector didn't work. I kept reading about their relationship and how he got stuck with an arrow and fell in love with her, but I was anxious to know what happened to end their relationship.
  • The whole Cupid thing is super interesting. I love how they have to be able to shoot an arrow perfectly and they have to do it at the right exact time. 
  • I can't believe she stuck herself! You could tell that she had a thing for Ben. Obviously, since she worked on his case for almost 5 weeks, and everyone else she didn't even bother to research,
  • Her Parents love story seems so sad, especially thinking if they are only so in love because of the arrow. But I do love how they are together, it's almost too cute. 
  • So another thing I was anxious to know was what the heck was a thunderclap and why did it have such an impact on Kali.
  • Kali going to see the Oracle and running into the fates was creepy. The fates reminded me of the 3 old ladies in Percy Jackson, which I think are also the fates. I don't really remember. 
  • I feel like the fates were messing with her about the thread and everything they said to her. 
  • Wow, the Oracle's prophecy! I was so excited to find out what it wall meant. 
  • At the point, I really like Ben. I didn't think the whole falling in love because of the arrow wasn't too bad. I was so glad when Kali, Deya, and Artemis were allowed to stay on earth for a while, at least until Kali figures out how to get her life back. 
  • As Kali's and Ben's "relationship" started to grow, I saw how bad they were together. I hated Ben's brooding and felt like they didn't have a good match. I wanted him to be with Zoe. And I honestly wanted Kali to be with Hector. He was perfect for her. And she seems to still have feelings for him. 
  • I was really sad for Deya. Her mom really sucked and Kali should have ran after her friend to console her. I hated how because of that she and Deya had this fight, and that Deya went out to prove her mother wrong and it ended up really hurting Cosmos. That made me really sad because they were super cute together. 
  • I really liked Theresa, I wished there was more of her in this book. She was such a fun character. 
  • I also really loved Artemis and Mr. G's. blooming relationship. I hated that her brother found out and she had to leave. 
  • So my thoughts on the prophecy so far: Artemis is the maiden, the champion is Mr. G, and the fiance who died is the jealous Sonne, but I think that last part of the prophecy is Kali herself. She is the wrong match.
  • The Underworld is pretty dang crazy!
  • Okay, I laughed my butt off when Aphrodite realized, with Deya's help, that Ir-cursing-ana had her belt.
  • That party! I loved how Kali figured out that the Lyre was really a bow. And her picking that was perfect. 
  • Hector and Kali together are my favorite. I love how she is finally seeing her feelings for her and how she isn't really liking Ben anymore. When he gets to the house and Hector is there, that was pretty crazy. I was scared that Hector was really done with Kali. 
  • Wahoo! I was totally right. The wrong match was her. That scene at the archery competition was intense. I knew that Tony, Mr. G, had to win, but I was still nervous. I loved how Artemis came to be with him. And what, how crazy was it that Apollo was inside Savage!
  • What a perfect ending. I was so happy for Ben, Kali, Deya, and Hector. I was so glad that everything worked out for everyone. When I first started reading this book I didn't think Hector and Kali would even be a thing, but I am so glad I was wrong.  
  • Also, getting stuck with the arrow not working on immortals is crazy. I understand that Kali's parents knew everything out pan out and that everyone would grow from this situation, but still, I thought it was pretty crazy to let it all happen and not say anything. 
  • I loved how they all go to prom. 

This book was super funny an I really ended up connecting with the characters. I definitely recommend this book for those of you who love mythology, romantic comedies, and Percy Jackson. 




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