Puddin’: This book was such an awesome companion novel! I may have liked it more than Dumplin’

Puddin' book
Page Count: 448
It is a companion novel to Dumplin', which follows supporting characters from the first book in the months after Willowdean's star turn in the Clover City pageant. Millie Michalchuk has gone to fat camp every year since she was a girl. Not this year. This year she has new plans to chase her secret dream—and to kiss her crush. Callie Reyes is the pretty girl who is next in line for dance team captain and…

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So in Puddin', we follow two POV's, Millie and Callie. We still get the old gang here and there, which is awesome, but this book takes us on a different adventure than Dumplin' did. We all know that Millie is the "other fat girl" in Dumpin' who ends up winning second place in the pageant and seems way more confident than Willow Dean. We get to see how Millie and Callie's worlds collide and what happens when it does. We learn that Millie is so much more than a girl who always wanted to be in a beauty pageant and we learn that Callie is more than just a pretty face who isn't the nicest girl in the book.

I love what brought Millie and Callie together! Millie was one of my favorite characters in Dumplin' and I disliked Callie so much but Julie Murphy did such a good job with Callie's character development! Although we get a lot of the same characters from Dumplin' we also get a ton of newer characters that are a lot of fun to get to know. I definitely recommend this book and I think I liked it more than I did Dumplin'.


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This was such a fun read! I loved that we got to see both Millie's and Callie's lives and who they truly are. I think they were such a great duo together. The way Julie brought them together and had them become friends was so awesome. And then bringing Callie into the group was pretty funny as well. I'm so glad that they all warmed up to her. Well before I say too much here, let's get started with my thoughts...

  • I seriously love Millie! I always have. She is such a great character. I also loved that we still get a good amount of time with Willow Dean, Ella, Amanda, and Hannah. All the scenes with them together was fun.

  • I really hated how Millie's mom was so serious about her dieting. I feel like Willowdean's mom was pretty strict about what was in the house and how much Willowdean was eating but it was nothing like Millie's mom. And to be so intent on sending Millie to "fat camp" was not cool.

  • I loved that Millie worked at the gym with her uncle and aunt. They were some pretty awesome people, especially the aunt! She had so much sass.

  • One thing that I never noticed in Dumplin' was that Callie was half Hispanic. So at first, I was so confused when we learned about Callie and her family and her struggles. But I love that she is and we get to see what things she has to deal with.

  • I really hated that they vandalized the gym. I totally understood why, but messing with the outside should have been where they stopped. Those girls went crazy.

  • I immediately did not like Malek. I couldn't understand what his deal was. Trying to hide the fact that he and Millie talk almost every night. But I see now that was more of a shy thing, then an embarrassing thing. It took me a while to warm up to him though.

  • I love that Callie's punishment is to work at the gym! I knew right then and there that she and Millie would end up being friends!

  • The whole event with Callie taking the full blame for it though isn't cool. I felt so bad for her how everyone was treating her when she took the fall for them. And her stupid boyfriend. Saying they aren't in the same group anymore so they don't really fit well is dumb. I hated that she had to go through that.

  • I was so sad when Millie got sick and couldn't go to Malek's party. I know she really wanted to go and I love that he invited her.

  • Everyone getting together for this sleepover group was super sweet! And I love how sweet she has been to Callie. One reason I love Millie is that she is just way too sweet. But she also doesn't back down.

  • I loved seeing Mitch again! I hated how hurt he got in the last book so I was rooting for him in this one!

  • When Malek took Millie out and afterward kissed her. That was sweet. This is about when I started liking him.

  • Callie is straight up crazy! I know she was super mad at the Shamrocks, but they definitely didn't deserve what she did to them. Like her mom said, she betrayed the code and trust of the Shamrocks. I did love how she stood up for Millie, finally, to Patrick. And I am really loving her and Mitch's connection.

  • When Callie starts becoming friends with the "sleep-over group" is the best! I love how they are slowly taking her in as a friend and that she is liking them as well. They giving her props for sticking up for Millie was super awesome and I really loved how they went to Callie's house! So loved these friendships!

  • I really wished that Millie would just come out and tell Callie what she did.

  • I was super super happy for Callie and Mitch! Yay Mitch!!!

  • I knew that eventually, it would come out to Callie that it was Millie who identified her. I knew it wasn't going to be good either. I really was hoping that Callie would have understood. But honestly, Millie shouldn't have kept it from her.

  • Millie's mom not understanding made me sad. I just couldn't understand why she couldn't be happy for her.

  • Mitch is the same ol' Mitch. I just love how sweet he is!

  • Malek did a great job as well! I really liked him. He was so good for Millie.

  • The scene with Willowdean, Amanda, Hannah, and Elle going to talk to Callie was perfect! I love that group.

  • Callie's idea to pick Millie up and go to that internship was such a great idea. I was so sad when the refused her still, but was insanely glad that reconsidered.

  • I loved what Callie did and spoke up for funding!

  • The pool party was the best ever!!! And that present! What a perfect ending to a great book!!!!


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