Queen of Air and Darkness: This last book was seriously insanely intense.

Queen of air and darkness book
Series Number: 3
Page Count: 912
Dark secrets and forbidden love threaten the very survival of the Shadowhunters in Cassandra Clare’s Queen of Air and Darkness, the final novel in the #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling The Dark Artifices trilogy. What if damnation is the price of true love? Innocent blood has been spilled on the steps of the Council Hall, the sacred stronghold of the Shadowhunters. In the wake of the tragic death of Livia Blackthorn, the…

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Wow. That's about all I can say about this book... on to the Spoilery part of this review. Okay, not really. But this book was soo intense. I thought Lord of Shadows was a crazy, intense ride, but I was wrong. That book is nothing compared to this one. We start exactly where we left off. Livi Blackthorn is dead and so is the inquisitor Robert Lightwood. Everything is shattered. Annabel and the Black volume is gone and it looks like the Seelie King had something to do with it. Kieran is safely at the Scholamance with Perfect Diego, and the Blackthorns are crushed. Helen and Aline are able to go back to the LA institute with the kids but Emma and Julian have to stay.

The Cohort is getting worse now. Because of this whole even with Annabel killing Livi and Robert, it fuels their cause even more. They are wanting to take over everything and make everyone believe as they do.

I really loved that we got a chance to get to know Kit, Ti, and Dru more.

Once again Emma and Julian have to go to Faerie on a dangerous mission to get the Black Volume and find Annabel. What they do find is like nothing they have ever seen. Their journey keeps getting more and more dangerous and strange. I was so scared for them, and everyone else honestly.

Once again, Clare does not disappoint. This book might be the best in the Dark Artifices series and I definitely like it more than The Mortal Instruments series. I say that, but I also haven't read the Mortal Instruments in like 6 years. I do really love how we get all of these past characters in this series. This last installment is definitely a must read!


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I really enjoyed this book! There were some parts that were just too much for me, but other than that, I really loved it. I thought it was a really good conclusion to the series. I'm so excited that Cassandra is going to write another series, The Wicked Powers, with Ti, Kit, and Dru as the main characters. Plus Ash is going to be in it, and we will get to learn more about him as well. Anyways, I do love that we still get Jace, Clary, Alec, and Magnus in this book. I also love that we get to learn more about Dru and her personality. The character development on everyone was done amazingly. Well, without further ado, here are my crazy thoughts...

  • We start the book right where we left off on Lord of Shadows. So, of course, I start reading the book in crazy tears because I have to think of poor little Livi dead again.

  • Everyone goes back to the Institute except for Emma and Julian. They are asked to stay because of what happened, and because Emma broke the Mortal Sword with Cortana. Helen and Eline go back with the kids and will take care of them until Emma and Julian get back. Dru is not very happy about it. She wants Julian. She does not want Mark or Helen.

  • Reading about everyone's grieving made me so sad. It was so hard for me to handle.

  • Simon! It was so awesome to get to see Simon, just sucked it had to be in these circumstances.

  • Helen and Mark having to pick Tavi up and him not know what happened was so hard to read. I am tearing up as I type this. He just didn't understand at first. But when he did it was horrible. I really like how Magnus didn't tell Tavi but knew it was important for one of the Blackthorns to tell him.

  • Poor Julian, he is having a hard time dealing with his emotions. I don't blame him. His worst fear came true. Livi died and in his arms. So crazy that the parabatai curse is starting to happen. Their parabatai rune is burning them when they think about each other or are around each other.

  • Even though Magnus is weak, I really love that he helped Julian. I didn't understand at first what exactly he did, but it broke my heart after I found out.

  • Ugh, those dumb Dearborns. That dumb stupid meeting that they had. I knew it was going to happen but I hate that he put him in the inquisitor's position. Not good. Those dumb Cohort folks are horrible horrible people. They make me insanely mad.

  • The whole mourning service was done so perfectly. What a sad sad day. And poor poor Ti. The way he ran and climbed up the tower. I just can't imagine. He lost his twin. He didn't want to let her go but also wanted to get her necklace. I love how, even though Julian isn't the same Julian, he still went after Ti.

  • Again, I hate those dumb Dearborns. They are absolutely horrible. Why would they say the things they say... at a dang mourning service no less. Ugh.

  • Kit seeing Robert Lightwoods parabatai was so so special. I cried and cried and cried. I love that Clare added that small little touch. It was perfection.

  • At this point, I am getting so angry at the Cohort. Like it almost makes me not want to even finish this book. They are so idiotic. They just keep getting worse and worse. They might top Umbridge in horribleness.

  • Ti wanting to raise Livi back scared the crap out of me. I'm glad that Kit is there to "help". I know Ti wants her back, but this is a very bad idea.

  • I also think that the Riders recognized Kit. I don't remember the exact words that one of the Riders said to him, but he wasn't just talking about the familiarity to Jace Herondale.

  • I love Kieran in this book. At this spot in the book, I really want him and Cristina to end up together.

  • I feel so bad for Dru. She doesn't want anything to do with Helen, mostly because she thinks she is going to leave again and doesn't really want to be there.

  • I'm very scared for Kit. Not sure what is going to happen.

  • Julian not having emotions makes me so angry. I hate how he doesn't help Ti, mostly because he doesn't know what to say. And poor Ti would have told Julian. He really would have. Him not having emotions makes me really angry.

  • I'm so glad that Kieran is getting well taken care of at the Scholomance. I really am liking Perfect Diego more and more. I love how Cassandra can create these amazing characters, that at first aren't super important, and you don't think much about them, but then turns them into these amazing characters that you love. Which honestly they were always amazing, but we don't know that until Cassandra opens our eyes to it.

  • Poor Helen, I can't help but feel really bad for her. I'm so glad that she is back and her and Mark are together again.

  • Oh my goodness. I had to stop listening for a bit. Robert Lightwood keeps a record of every meeting he has. Dearborn knows about Emma and Julian. Crap. And of course, he is going to use this information for his gain. Emma and Julian have no choice but to go back into Faerie and get the Black Volume.

  • The part where they take Kieran to that water and planned to ruin him. I hate those dumb people. Especially Zara. And Kieran saved Samantha. It would have been so much worse for her if it wasn't for Kieran.

  • I am listening to the book, and James Marsters does a wonderful job at making Julian sound emotionless. Almost too good of a job. I hate listening to Julian talk like this. This isn't the Julian we all know and love.

  • So, of course, Horace set Julian and Emma up. He sent them there to die. Dumb Dane for not being smarter. I hate that Julian killed him, without any thought, but I am glad that he did. Because Dane most definitely would have killed them.

  • I am so glad that Gia made everyone wait a week. Good deal. Dearborn is horrible.

  • Kieran is back!!!! I love that Diego and the rest of the good Centurians helped him. They know he isn't horrible. I love how he comes back at the perfect time!!!

  • I'm getting so tired of emotionless Julian. It's so frustrating. I'm ready for him to be a regular person. I hate how he makes Emma feel and that he doesn't even include her in his plans like he used to. I know it's because of the spell, but I hate it.

  • I can't believe that the way to help Emma and Julian is to put an end to all parabatai. That is some scary stuff right there.

  • I loved how Emma, Kieran, and Mark all go to Faerie to find and save Emma and Julian.

  • I could not see how Emma and Julian were going to get past the Riders. They are horrible.

  • Revel's are insane. Mark is smarter than that! Why would he ever think that the drink would be the same as last time?

  • I couldn't believe what Horace did to Diego and his friends. They were doing right. How dare they seal their mouths shut so they can't even speak for themselves. This is all Horace's plan. And for them to blame Kieran for what happened to Samantha is horrible. But he knew that it would sway people on his side. This whole registry business is super scary. What would really happen to all the Downworlders? It's just not right.

  • It makes me so happy that Kit included Dru. She is so lonely. And Dru is definitely an awesome character. I love her personality. I am really scared for Ti though. They do not need to be messing with Necromancy.

  • What is happening to the warlocks is super scary.

  • Dang Miguel caught Mark and Kieran. I'm so glad that Cristina had a way out. I just had no idea where she went. Part of me thought that maybe she went to Jamie, but I was totally wrong.

  • Okay, one of my favorite quotes and it made me laugh like crazy. It's when Julian and Emma take the copied Black Volume to the Unseelie King.

It was made with The assistance of a wizard with great power called Office Max. Of whom I no nothing. Jesus Christ muttered Julian.
  • Ash??? So he is the boy that Dru saw when she touched Jamie's bag. So we find out that Ash is Sebastion and the Seelie Queens son. Who knew??? He is a dang Morgenstern. I definitely did not see that one coming.

  • Christina going to get help from Adaon was perfect!

  • It was so hard listening to this book with Julian being emotionless.

  • I could not figure out why Annabel was so attached to Ash. It made no sense to me. And I couldn't believe that Miguel is working with one of the Faerie princes. These people are so hypocritical.

  • So I had to do some research on Shade. When I read that he knew Church I had to find out how. I honestly forgot who he was.

  • A part of me was so scared for Cristina because I didn't think she had a chance.

  • Horace is so dumb for every thinking that Diana would help his cause. I knew that she wouldn't.

  • I was so happy when Emma and Julian found Clary and Jace. It obviously wasn't for good reasons, but I am so glad they are all together.

  • The fact that Clary and Jace had no idea what happened in Idris was so sad. So heartbreaking.

  • I was beyond happy that Cristina succeeded in getting Adaon to help them! She found them and that was so perfect.

  • I was sooo soo scared for Kieran. I thought he was a dead man, well Faerie. I'm so glad that the Seelie Queen came when she did. She is seriously one bad Chick.

  • Listening to the King and Queen fight was really good. And Annabel has defiantly lost it.

  • Man, when we see that crazy portal to a different world. Scary scary stuff.

  • I would have never thought that Annabel would flee with Ash into that Portal. I knew that whatever was going to happen next was going to be some crazy stuff.

  • I seriously was so happy that Kieran killed his father, the Unseelie King. I was so so scared for the Adaon.

  • So everything that happens after the king dies is pretty insane. So Jace, Clary, Kieran, Mark, and Cristian escape through the portal, but Emma and Julian end up going through the portal that Ash and Annabel went through. But the only good thing that came from that is that the spell on Julian does not work in the world they are in.

  • So they are in Thul. A world where Sebastian Morgenstern succeeds. His endarken is everywhere. Julian and Emma, in this world, are endarken. Clary is dead, and Jace is still with Sebastian. And Ash is older and with him too. At this point, we haven't seen Annabel yet.

  • In this world Livi is alive and one of the leaders of the resistance. I loved it. It was so sad to hear what happened to the rest of the family in the world. I loved how she and Cameron were together. We get to see church and Tessa. She would be the only Warlock not affected by this blight.

  • Man was I scared for Emma and Julian when they talked to Sebastian. Especially when Annabel came in with crazy Malcolm demon dog hound. Oh and Ash picking up that picture of Dru and knowing her. Nice foreshadowing Clare! Annabel talking to Julian was scary. And saying that he is in a cage because of his feelings, it was exactly what the Seelie Queen said to him.

  • So after they all come up with a plan, it works. I knew it would but it was still scary. Tessa really came through, but her death was horrible. I'm glad they got the Mortal Sword and Killed Sebastian with it. Ash having wings was pretty dang crazy. I guess he didn't go with them because of Jace. fad

  • I was so disappointed to find out that Julian still had the spell, and I hate that he really hurt Ti's feelings. I felt so bad for him.

  • Ok, their idea to get the water from the lake to all the warlocks was genius. I love how the Hunt helped them. Everyone working together made me so happy! After they accomplished them I was so ready for them to knock Dearborn of his stupid "throne".

  • I honestly thought the whole time that Kieran would make an amazing King. I did think that Adaon would be better, but I knew Kieran would rule strong, and with his heart as well.

  • I love that we keep getting more and more Dru in this book!

  • I seriously hated that Julian couldn't fully articulate his argument to Jace because of not having any feelings.

  • Magnus took that spell off in the nick of time! Julian needed to be back.

  • I was also super happy that the lake water helped all the warlocks, especially Magnus. I was very scared for them all. I honestly didn't think it was going to work.

  • I had no works for Kieran, Cristina, and Mark. None.

  • I was hoping that somehow Livi came back as a ghost to warn Ti to stop doing what he was doing. I love how Kit is helping him, but at the same time, he is watching over him and doesn't want it to actually work.

  • I loved, loved, loved when Zara tried to fight Emma. Of course, Emma would crush her! Zara is just so stupid.

  • Emma's rune burning and the webs on her arm really scared me.

  • I was so happy when Inesh helped Diego and Jamie. I figured Jamie was going to die. After what happened with Livi I didn't trust Clare with anyone's life. At All!!!

  • I jumped for joy when Shade flat out told Ti that he wouldn't do it! I had a feeling that Ti wasn't going to give up though, he is a Blackthorn.

  • Yes! I cried tears of joy to have scheming genius Julian back. I loved how he did it even though Jace said it wasn't a good idea. Jace has no clue how clever Julian is. I also loved how he orchestrated the whole thing. And Clary wearing the unicorn shirt made me laugh!

  • Another great quote by Dru...

Great to have you back Jules, I missed your lunatic schemes.
  • I absolutely loved the meeting. All those people who showed up, and so may past characters. I vaguely remembered Katerina loss. But Mya, Simon, Isabelle, Alec, Jace, Magnus, Clary, Luke, Jocelyn, Tessa, and Jem were some of my favorite characters, and to see them older and wiser is so awesome. Almost too much for me.

  • I really wondered if Kit saw a glimpse of Livi's ghost supporting Julian. And that banner made me bawl!

  • I thought that the meeting turned out great, especially because Julian knew there would be a snitch in that group, so his second plan was genius. I loved how he said that the real meeting starts.

  • Everyone eating around the campfire making s'mores was the perfect scene!

  • I was soo soo soo scared for Kit and Ti. I knew he has something else planned. I'm glad Kit finally spoke up but I hated that it didn't even work. And I hated how hurt his feelings got. I'm so glad that everything seems okay now, even though Livi is now around in ghost form. I hate how things ended up with Kit and Ti, but and very happy that there wasn't a known disaster everyone had to face.

  • I honestly thought Emma was going to go through with it. It scared me so much, so I am glad that Julian stopped her and told her to trust him. I kept thinking of Jace and Alec, and Simon and Clary. All those amazing parabatai. Emma would have shattered all that.

  • Elane, Helen, and Magnus acting like they were so surprised about Miguel and his people coming, was sooo dang funny. And then Clary and Jace playing games in their tent!!!! It was all too much for me.

  • Emma getting Cortana back from dumb Zara was so awesome.

  • I loved that Dru had this awesome plan to get everyone out of the cells. She saved Diego, Jamie, Gia, and others! She is going to be just as clever as Julian! I can't wait to get more of Dru!

  • The fight was too intense for me. I'm glad that Horace is dead! I love how Cristina killed Oben!!!! Yes Yes Yes!!! This whole fight scene was amazing!!! But I was scared for everyone.

  • Livi came for Ti and Kit!

  • I was so proud of Emma for not killing Zara, but that crazy demon who was pretending to be Annabel was so insane. I thought it was actually Annabel somehow.

  • I couldn't believe that Zara killed Emma. I didn't want to believe it. But that moment when Julain holds her and is begging her to come back, and then is going crazy I knew something bad was going to happen. But the parabatai curse... that was unbelievable.

  • I was scared for Emma and Julian, and I was scared for all the other Shadowhunters as well. When they got huge and started killing people golly, that was some serious stuff!!! I love Tavi's idea of going to them and talking to them. It broke my heart. All of them talking to Emma and Julian and telling them why they need to stop because they need them made me bawl my eyes out. Such an emotional part. I wasn't sure if it was going to work but I am so glad that it did.

  • Wahoo!!! My year was made finding out Emma and Julian are no longer parabatai. That was so amazing. Soo many tears of joy! The perfect ending for them.

  • It was a super sad part finding out that Kieran decided to leave and be king, but I know it is for the best.

  • Magnus talking to Ti was great. He needed that for sure. It's very sad, but it didn't seem like what Ti did was going to ruin anything too bad.

  • I loved how Tessa and Jem offered to take Kit. It makes me sad that he didn't choose to stay with the Blackthorns, but I know he will be well taken care of by Tessa and Jem. And I know they are over the moon happy that Kit picked them. I really wish he would have said bye though. He should know Ti and how he reacts to things.

  • I was so glad that Dru followed Ti and Magnus and overheard everything. Ti and Dru's moment was just so sweet. It was such an amazing moment for them.

  • Loved how the meeting went. I'm so happy for Alec that he was nominated and voted in as the counselor. I know he will do such an amazing job.

  • As usual, dumb Zara and the dumb Cohort disagree and say horribly stupid things. I'm glad that Alec decided to leave. I know that surprised the Cohort. But it was the right thing to do. They have everything they need and will make it so much better without those lunatics.

  • I was super happy that there is a was Kieran can see Mark and Cristina without bringing harm to Faerie.

  • The party was super sweet. I loved that Emma and Julian were taking their traveling year together and plan to go all over the place! I also loved loved loved that Alec asked Diego to be the inquisitor and Mark to be part of the Alliance. What a perfect ending. Emma and Jules together, everyone happy, the world good for right now. Rebuilding by some of the most amazing people.

  • I was very surprised at how the epilogue went! Ash and Jace in our world??? Jace wanting to kill Clary???? What the Crap! She has to write a fourth installment for sure!!


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