What Happened That Night: A wild and twisted ride that was hard to read at times.

What Happened That Night by Deanna Cameron book cover
Published: Sept 17th 2019
Page Count: 328
How well can you ever really know your sister…? Golden boy Griffin Tomlin is found dead, floating in his pool, the morning after his family’s Labor Day party, and neighbor Emily Porterfield is arrested for his murder. No one knows why she killed him, except for her younger sister, Clara. The secrets behind What Happened That Night unravel in dual timelines: In the present, Clara struggles with the aftermath of the murder—questions and distrust from…

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wow. What can I even say about this book? I was so intrigued by the synopsis. It was the reason I put in for this book. There were some very hard topics to read but I feel that Deanna Cameron wrote this book so well. These kinds of events and the events that spiral because of it should be written. Rape and sexual assault, mentioning for anyone that would be triggered by it and may not be able to handle reading, are hard things to write about and to read, but it happens. 

This story was so twisted that at times I thought to myself there is no way that could be what is happening right now but as crazy as it was, I know this happens in real life. I almost didn’t give this a 5star review, but it would have only been because of the content, not the writing.

We follow Clara, who is the little sister of Emily. Emily is currently in jail for killing their neighbor, which we end up finding out early on might have had something to do with Emily. Clara and Emily seem like they might be close as sisters, but it’s so hard to figure it out. So throughout the book, we find out what is connecting Emily, Clara, and blake. Once we find more out it spirals into so much more. For a while, you don’t know who to trust. You don’t know who is telling the truth or who is the bad guy in this whole scenario. I was so confused so many times. That’s why this writing is so amazing. You just don’t ever know. 

I recommend this book if you can handle this kind of topic. The writing is amazing and you won’t regret reading this insane story. 


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