How to Make Friends with the Dark: A story about grief that needs to be heard.

I’m having a hard time to put all my thoughts into words. How to Make Friends with the Dark is a book about deep, deep grief that needs to be read. I knew, going into this book that it was going to be sad and I would most likely cry, but what I didn’t know, was how it was going to leave such an impression on my heart. 


Dark of the West: An amazing book full of super lovable characters, espionage, honor, deceit, and betrayal!!

This book was so dang good. It’s taken me a few days to really digest what I’ve read and been ready to put them into words. I knew from the synopsis that I would probably like this book. What I didn’t know was how easy it was for me to fall in love with every part of this book and that it would be one of my favorite reads this year.


Puddin’: This book was such an awesome companion novel! I may have liked it more than Dumplin’

So in Puddin’, we follow two POV’s, Millie and Callie. We still get the old gang here and there, which is awesome, but this book takes us on a different adventure than Dumplin’ did. We all know that Millie is the “other fat girl” in Dumpin’ who ends up winning second place in the pageant and seems way more confident than Willow Dean.