How to Make Friends with the Dark: A story about grief that needs to be heard.

I’m having a hard time to put all my thoughts into words. How to Make Friends with the Dark is a book about deep, deep grief that needs to be read. I knew, going into this book that it was going to be sad and I would most likely cry, but what I didn’t know, was how it was going to leave such an impression on my heart. 


Dark of the West: An amazing book full of super lovable characters, espionage, honor, deceit, and betrayal!!

This book was so dang good. It’s taken me a few days to really digest what I’ve read and been ready to put them into words. I knew from the synopsis that I would probably like this book. What I didn’t know was how easy it was for me to fall in love with every part of this book and that it would be one of my favorite reads this year.